Wednesday, September 17, 2014


If YOU are CHOSEN PEOPLE[for eternal malkhut],then YOU MUST have  to live the life YOU PREACH and TEACH about.
YOUR life,in WORD and DEEDs, should be a TESTIMONY.

DEEDs produces FRUITs. All talk & no DEED produces no FRUITs. When you VIER, YHWH puts BUMPERs to bounce you back.Sometimes it HURTs HARD.

It is EASY to MAKE covenant with YHWH through the word of YOUR  MOUTH,BUT in the absence of DEEDs YOUR word[of your own mouth] are like a DUST BIN and its proves that you are VERY FAR AWAY from YHWH[YeshaYAH/Isaiah 29:13,Marcus/Mark 7:6-8] ,It PROVES your SEPARATION from YHWH not SET APARTNESS,It PROVES you as a FRUITLESS TREE. EVERY SABBATH when you go to KODESH MIQRA[Holy Convocation] and the SCRIPTURE  HITs you hard, you FEEL convicted, because you know you are FALLING DOWN[by your own disobediency] really bad in a CERTAIN AREAs ? Sometimes YOU are WILLINGLY doing it, other times YOU don’t REALIZE it,THATSWHY at this point YHWH REBUKE YOU HARD and it can be PAINFUL.So if you want DELIVERENCE from your PAIN and TROUBLEs which is the result of your own DISOBEDIENCY,then it is a TIME to REALIZE[your mistakes] and CORRECT YOURSELF by TRUE REPENTENCE [in action= obediency according to gifted faith] and RETURN  to the ANCIENT PATHs of YHWH[Torah] for OBEY it. YOU can be pruned to be even more fruitful, or YOU can be cut off from the branch (Yochanan/John 15:1-10). Always KEEP IN  YOUR MIND that For as the body apart from the spirit is dead, even so faith apart from deeds is dead.Yaacob/James 2:26.

“Your Walk TALKs and Your Talk TALKs,
BUT your WALK TALKs LOUDER than your TALK TALKs”,.


Servant of YHWH
Bro.YisraEL Rosenberg

NOTE: Friends all over the globe,Dont take it as a  page of a story book,Its all TRUTH,REAL SCENARIO's faced by our Kohen AniYAH in the land given to Him by YHWH to serve for the glory of His PRECIOUS NAME.We are really inspired by His RAW UNCUT OBEDIENT  and COURAGEOUS  lifestyle.He is almost 70 %[remaining 30 % are real sheep] surrounded by the disobedient boastful and arrogant fake churchianity people like the GOATs[for hell who will stand on left hand side of MESSIAH for judgement mentioned in scriptures] or WOLVES in SHEEP CLOTHES[false prophets and churchianity of end time era mentioned in scriptures],BUT we are inspired with the YHWH's miraculous pattern by which ALMIGHTY  using Him in such a  RAW UNCUT SCRIPTURAL VICTORIOUS fashion in the midst of such opposite circumstances[with such people] which is really a big example for the Both houses of YisraEL[Yahudim and Ephrayim].Both houses of YisraEL respect Him because He is a CHOSEN ONE of YHWH,Even politicians all over the world respect Him for His unshakeable stand in favour of UNDIVIDED YAH-RU-SHALOM[Yerushalayim].We are grateful to YHWH for bless with such kind of TRUE SERVANT of the ERA.May YHWH barak Him with long life according to His COVENANT for leading the both houses of YisraEL in this end time era's prophetic event of RESTORATION.KEN YEHI RATZON.